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logo design services

Pasta Sauce Brand Design

logo system for pasta sauce brand
pasta sauce label design displayed on a bottle
custom food icon artwork closeup
marinara sauce label design displayed on bottle

Step into the rich culinary heritage of our latest culinary logo design creation – a traditional emblem-style logo that pays tribute to the legacy of a beloved pasta sauce brand’s late founder. At the heart of this design is a tasteful character illustration, capturing the essence and spirit of the brand’s visionary leader. This character illustration serves as the centerpiece of the brand’s identity, appearing across various sub-brands and product label designs, ensuring a cohesive and recognizable brand image.

From classic Marinara to Garden Style, and Bolognese, each jar of pasta sauce tells a story of passion, craftsmanship, and Italian heritage – a testament to the enduring legacy of the brand’s founder and the commitment to quality that defines its products.  Custom food icon artwork was created to place on the labels for a visual separation while staying cohesive and informative to the customer.