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Restaurant Brand Design

logo system for a west african restaurant
Juice label design displayed on bottles
Sauce Label Design displayed on bottles
Restaurant Menu Design
Coffee cup logo displayed on cup
Restaurant Bag Design displayed on bags
Restaurant Bag Design displayed on bag

Weaving a Taste of West Africa

We brought the vibrant spirit of West African culture to life for a Harlem-based restaurant. Our centerpiece? A custom-designed pattern reflecting the region’s rich heritage. This unique motif wasn’t just decoration; it became the restaurant’s identity, woven seamlessly across everything from their branded restaurant packaging – takeout bags, juice labels, even sauce bottles. Every piece of packaging transformed from functional to captivating, a mini-storyteller carrying a piece of tradition.

The pattern’s journey continued onto the menu design, inviting diners on a visual and culinary exploration of West Africa. This wasn’t just beautiful design; it was a strategic move. The pattern helped the restaurant stand out in Harlem’s competitive scene while creating a cohesive, immersive experience for diners.

Our work went beyond aesthetics. It became a tribute to cultural storytelling and a powerful expression of the restaurant’s brand identity. We seamlessly married tradition with modernity, ensuring every customer encounter connects with the very soul of West African cuisine.