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Cannabis Logo Design

  1. Cannabis logo design, starting as low as $595.
  2. NO clipart. NO templates. NO shortcuts.
  3. Local designers who KNOW the industry…
  4. Only a 48-72 hour average turnaround time.
  5. YOU OWN the final logo design rights.


Cannabis Branding

Weed Brand Label Design

Dispensary Brand Design

Marijuana Graphic Design

Cannabis Edible Designs

Make your cannabis-based business stand out with a logo that’s as memorable as the perfect bud, vape, or edible. With the right visual identity, you can create a lasting impression in customers’ minds, associating your brand with top-quality cannabis products. Don’t let your marketing efforts go up in smoke – roll out a brand image that’s captivating from the first glance to the final puff. Perfect for cannabis package design, cannabis retail branding, marijuana delivery branding, custom illustrated characters, and more, our logo design services can help you establish a distinctive and unforgettable brand presence in the cannabis industry.

Logo Design Packages

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Initial Design Concepts

Rounds of Revisions

Photorealistic Mockups

Logo Styles Explored


3 Initial Design Concepts

2Rounds of Revisions

NoMockups Not Included

Logo Styles Explored


4Initial Design Concepts

3Rounds of Revisions

NoMockups Not Included

Logo Styles Explored


5Initial Design Concepts

4Rounds of Revisions

Final RoundMockups Not Included

Logo Styles Explored


6Initial Design Concepts

5Rounds of Revisions

Final 3 RoundsMockups Not Included

Logo Styles Explored


7Initial Design Concepts

6Rounds of Revisions

All RoundsMockups Not Included

Logo Styles Explored