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Law Firm Logo Design

Logo system for law firm
law firm logo design displayed on a store sign
Logo design for law firm displayed on paper
Law firm logo design displayed on a lap top screen

Logo Design for a Law Firm in NYC

We designed this wordmark-style logo design for an NYC personal injury law firm. The logo was used for branding in their main office as well as their fleet of mobile offices.  A recent version of the logo was designed to fit more precisely in profile image areas.

Increase brand awareness with a custom logo designed with your law firm in mind. Legal professionals need a strong brand identity to ensure that when potential clients need a lawyer they think of you. A high-quality legal logo is like a firm handshake with your target audience and instantly builds trust and recognition. We’ve been designing logos for attorneys, lawyers, and legal firms for over a decade. For a law firm logo that gets calls, call us.