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Medical Logo Design

  1. Medical logo design, starting as low as $595.
  2. NO clipart. NO templates. NO shortcuts.
  3. Local designers with industry experience.
  4. Only a 48-72 hour average turnaround time.
  5. YOU OWN the final logo design rights.


Medical Branding

Medical Practice Branding

Pharmaceutical Logos

Physician Branding Design

Therapist Logo Design

In the medical industry, building a strong brand is essential for establishing trust, credibility, and professionalism. Our branding agency specializes in helping medical offices, pharmaceutical companies, physicians, and therapists create compelling brand identities that reflect their unique value proposition and resonate with their target audience. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in the medical industry and create brand strategies that convey expertise, empathy, and innovation. From designing logos that convey the essence of your practice or product, to developing consistent brand elements that can be used across various brand applications, we ensure that your brand communicates your commitment to patient care, quality, and integrity. Let us help you build a powerful brand that sets you apart in the competitive medical industry. Contact us today to learn more about our branding services for the medical industry.

Logo Design Packages

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Initial Design Concepts

Rounds of Revisions

Photorealistic Mockups

Logo Styles Explored

Brand Guideline



3 Initial Design Concepts

2Rounds of Revisions

NoMockups Not Included

Logo Style Basic
Logo Styles Explored

NoBrand Guideline



4Initial Design Concepts

3Rounds of Revisions

NoMockups Not Included

Logo Style Standard
Logo Styles Explored

NoBrand Guideline



5Initial Design Concepts

4Rounds of Revisions

Final RoundMockups Not Included

Logo Style Pro Professional
Logo Styles Explored

NoBrand Guideline



6Initial Design Concepts

5Rounds of Revisions

Final 3 RoundsMockups Not Included

Logo Style Pro Corporate
Logo Styles Explored

At-a-GlanceBrand Guideline



7Initial Design Concepts

6Rounds of Revisions

All RoundsMockups Not Included

Logo Style Pro Enterprise
Logo Styles Explored

BookletBrand Guideline