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Cannabis Logo Design


This California cannabis delivery company had premium products but couldn’t achieve sky-high profits. They were convinced that with the right brand identity, they could burn just a bit brighter and stop seeing sales opportunities go up in smoke. We helped them roll up a better marketing plan with this stunning brandmark design. Most importantly, it has given the client the spark they needed to jumpstart their branding efforts.

Designing a logo for the cannabis industry always has its challenges being such a new industry, but we had no problems coming up with a unique design for this marijuana delivery company. A custom cannabis logo that differentiates one delivery service  from the next is crucial for establishing a strong brand identity – especially in California. You want people to remember your cannabis delivery logo or CBD product logo and not settle for something generic.

We are practically pioneers when it comes to designing custom logos for the cannabis industry. Trust us to deliver for your cannabis logo design and website design needs. If you need a custom logo for your cannabis website to set you apart from competitors in the medical marijuana space, we you covered.