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How to Create a Logo Design that Wins Hearts

You’d think that designing a logo is a piece of cake. But there’s more to creating a logo than you would think. That’s why logo designers are in high demand because not everyone has an eye for the art.

A logo is essentially the face of your business and it can greatly impact your customers’ brand perception. Your logo can even influence consumers’ buying decisions and overall feelings towards your brand.

So how do you create the perfect logo that will spark intrigue? How can you create a piece of corporate art that will be recognized throughout the years? Well, for those who are looking to brush up on their logo designing skills perhaps these tips might help you.   

A Unique Design Goes a Long Way

Do you want to set yourself apart from your opposition? There’s no other way than creating a brand that’s 100% unique. This is especially true if you’re in an industry that uses certain images to depict what the brand can offer.

Sometimes this can be a struggle because there are so many brands out there that might have created the same logo idea you have. For example creating a logo design for a blog will often have typewriter, pen nib or sheets of papers as icons whereas cleaning logos can play with water droplets, wiper or splash imagery. The best way to create a logo that’s unique is to research the brand designs of your competitors.

Take note of the elements they’ve used to design their logos from fonts, to images and the techniques they used. This will help you identify which of your innovative ideas will lead to your logo being different.

It’s possible to create a completely original piece that will set you apart from your competitors. A unique logo design has the potential to become evergreen. This is especially true if your innovative design has gained favorable traction amongst your followers.

The Ideology of your Brand

What does your brand remind you of? When you think of your brand what are the first images that come to mind? Write down what you see and use these images as inspiration to create a logo that perfectly fits your niche.

Although images and color are used to create the logo try not to think too much about the aesthetics of your piece. Perhaps think about your design as bringing deeper meaning to the emotions you want to evoke from your followers.

Delve into the psychology of logo design to help you express to your consumers the meaning behind your brand. You’re basically giving your company a digital identity in the form of an icon. So your logo should have meaning.

The key to this is giving it a personality and having a rich history of how your logo came to be. A rich background story often leads to iconic images.

For example, there’s an interesting history behind the logo for Nike. The creator, named Carolyn Davidson, was inspired by Greek mythology. She incorporated the name and design from a goddess named Nike and the logo represents her wing. This famous logo symbolizes the goddess’ swift and speedy movements.

So fill your logo design with purpose by giving it a story. Use the inspiration around you to give it in-depth meaning and ensure it fits well with your brand.

How Can Colors Give Your Logo Personality?

As mentioned before there is an element of psychology in your logo design. This is especially true when it comes to color. If you want to give your logo a certain characteristic the color you select could determine whether you accomplish your goal or not.

Neon or bright colors may do well in grabbing someone’s attention immediately but they could be too bold. These colors could make it obvious you’re trying to attract attention. The use of muted tones such as grey or beige is more of an elegant approach.


But keep in mind the colors you select should fit with the expression of your brand. Here is a short breakdown of the psychology behind colors. Use these colors to evoke a certain emotion in your followers:

  • Yellow: It’s an optimistic color that creates energy and drive. Yellow is suitable for the automotive industry and entertainment groups.
  • Green: This color is nurturing and inspires health and nature imagery. Use this color in logos for medicine, nature reserves and tourism.
  • Red: It’s an exciting color and it’s romantic and warm. It also inspires hunger and a need for urgency. Logo designs with red elements are used for emergency services, fashion, food and the film industry.
  • Purple: The qualities of purple are mysterious and spiritualistic. It evokes a sense of wellbeing and magic. This color is used in astrology, tarot readings and yoga.
  • Blue: This color has a calming effect with the qualities of hygiene and power. It’s used for medical facilities, water companies and dental corporations.

Final Thoughts

You want your logo to be etched into the memory of anyone who looks at it. You want it to be unique so it can’t be compared to the work of any of your competitors. The only way to do that is to be uniquely you. With your unique brand voice and philosophy you can design a logo that win hearts and stand the test of time.

Author Bio

Jesse Long is a freelance content writer with extensive experience in copywriting, web content, blogging and social media. He writes on diversified topics including but not limited to content, SEO, visual content, and digital marketing.