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4 All-Too-Common Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid

Logo design is one of those things that looks simple, even though it’s anything but. In the quest to get the perfect visual identity, lots of business owners (and their designers) make important mistakes that end up hurting the company.

To show you just how easy these errors are to miss, here are four all-too-common logo blunders to look out for…

#1 Following the Crowd – logo trends come and go. Things like shadows, outlines, and certain color schemes end up being copied and re-copied. You want the logo that’s right for your business, not the current month and year.

#2 Basing Your Logo on a Stock Image – basing your logo on a stock image limits your creativity and greatly increases the odds that you’ll eventually run into a competitor with a nearly identical logo. Neither is going to be good for business.  Additionally, you won’t be able to trademark your brand when you become a multi-billion dollar company.

#3 Ignoring Your Market – remember that your logo is for your company, and not you as a person. Stick with something that your customers will work for your potential clients, and that will be easy for them to understand, even if that goes against your personal design preferences.

#4 Making Your Logo “Busy” – complicated logos are hard to remember and understand. This is an area where simplicity and classic designs really are the best and most effective choices.

The best way to avoid making a mistake with your logo is to hire a team of experienced professionals to get the job done right. Why not let us get started on a new visual identity for your business today?