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How to Build Your Brand Persona from Scratch with these Amazing Tips

Cover Photo by David Bares from Pexels

When building your own brand, personifying the same is a core element for smooth communication with the target audience. In order to create a bridge between your brand and your audience, you need to give your brand the human touch.

Studies have shown that the brands that have human characteristics are better accepted by the audience. That is the reason for building a brand persona. One example of a brand persona that brands use today is having influencers promote their products and services. It’s because brands know that people would rather buy something from someone they know, or that is recommended by a person than promoted in an ad.

In order to learn how to build your brand persona, first, you have to know what brand persona is.

What is a brand persona?

When building your brand persona from scratch, you should have in mind that it should accurately present the world who you are as a brand. It’s what makes you unique and recognized for.

There’s a common misconception that the brand persona only refers to what your brand presents. That’s not true. It also refers to what your customers interact and engage with. That’s why you should make sure your brand persona shows the soul of your brand.

Building a brand persona from scratch is sometimes challenging. But, if you know what brand persona is and you follow the steps we provide you, it is going to be a real pleasure.

Tips for building your brand persona from scratch

In order to build your brand persona, you have to:

Define your brand pillars – few keywords that reflect what your brand is about. They help you develop your brand persona and, later, in designing your marketing elements, such as ads, and visual elements, such as a logo.

Some examples of brands pillars are daring, reliable, powerful, cheerful, elegant, charming, etc.

Define your brand promise – it’s what you promise as a brand to your customers. It tells them what they can expect from you and that your brand will always stick to it. Here’s a great brand promise by Coca-Cola – To inspire moments of optimism and uplift.”

Define your brand essence – it’s the one most essential characteristic of your brand. It’s usually stated in two or three words and it should be the same for all product categories.

A great example of brand essence is Disney – Fun Family Entertainment”.

Define your mission statement – it states the purpose of your brand. It tells why your brand exists in the first place. It’s kind of a goal that your brand wants to achieve. The mission statement should be honest, catchy, inspiring, and powerful. It should make people understand the purpose of your brand.

The mission statement consists of three elements:

Identifying your target audience

The products and/or services your offer to the clients

What makes you stand out from the other businesses?

А good example of a great mission statement is the one that Nike has: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.”

Create the visual assets of your brand – What makes them so important is the fact that people first notice visuals, e.g. social media ads, banners, logos, over what they hear, e.g. a radio ad.

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

The visual assets include:

    • Logo
    • Color Palette
    • Tagline
    • Font Families
    • Photo Style
    • Visual Language Rules
    • Tone of Voice
    • Naming Strategy

You can incorporate all or some of them, depending on your branding style. For example, if you own a yoga center, when deciding how branding should look like, keep in mind the purpose of your business and your products/services. It will help you create a logo system that will work perfectly with your brand by using the right color palette, font, and so on before starting to brand the whole business like these.

Create your corporate materials – The corporate materials are also part of your brand persona, as their design follows the characteristics of your brand persona and the visual assets. Corporate materials include website design, business cards design, email design, email signature, and similar.

Once you have completely finished designing and defining your brand persona, you should apply it across all aspects of your business. Incorporate them into your marketing campaigns, flyers, banners, ads, online promotions, etc.

Having a complete brand persona will help your business identify as a person in the crowd of business. It will also help it get recognized and easily approachable.

Author Bio

Sabrina Jackson is a content writer with experience in web content, blogging, sales copy and more. She writes with a passion to match her coffee color. Her favorite pass time is trying out new and unique tongue twisters.