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logo design services

Dr. Gregory Shifrin OB/GYN

logo system for medical company
medical logo design displayed on a computer screen
medical logo design displayed on a paper


Introducing our latest logo creation: a traditional pictorial design tailored for an Obstetrician-gynecologist located in the bustling borough of Brooklyn, NY.


This pictorial logo features a heartwarming depiction of a mother tenderly cradling her newborn child, symbolizing the compassionate care and support provided by the Obstetrician-gynecologist to expectant mothers and growing families. The gentle curves and flowing lines of the illustration evoke a sense of warmth, comfort, and maternal care, reflecting the nurturing environment fostered by the medical practice.


With its touching imagery and timeless appeal, this logo serves as a visual representation of the Obstetrician-gynecologist’s commitment to women’s health and wellness throughout all stages of life. Whether displayed on signage, stationery, or digital platforms, the logo resonates with patients, instilling confidence and trust in the practice’s expertise and dedication to compassionate care.