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logo design services

Lighting Contractor Logo Design


Introducing our latest logo design creation: a stunning lettermark-style logo meticulously crafted for a premier lighting contractor based in vibrant Manhattan.


This lettermark logo features a captivating circular design composed of concentric circles, elegantly arranged with gradient colors transitioning from dark to light orange. Each circle represents the precision and expertise that the lighting contractor brings to every project, while the gradient effect adds depth and dimension, symbolizing innovation and creativity in lighting solutions.


With its bold and modern design, this lettermark logo serves as a distinctive visual identity for the contractor, showcasing their commitment to excellence and innovation in the field of lighting design and installation. It captures the essence of their brand, conveying professionalism, sophistication, and forward-thinking approach.


Whether displayed on business cards, signage, or digital platforms, this lettermark logo commands attention and leaves a lasting impression, inviting clients to experience the transformative power of exceptional lighting.