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Logistics Logo Design


Logo design for logistics companies

We created this custom logo a logistics company that specializes in federal procurement, based in Illinois.


Investing in a unique logo for your logistics company is more important now than ever. The procurement space is competitive – so it’s essential to invest in a strong visual brand identity and memorable logo.


Did you know that the human brain can process images 60,000 X faster than words? This is why most businesses select visual branded logos.


Our team of award-winning graphic designers never uses template graphics or clipart, and designs 100% custom logos for every company we work with – whether in the logistics industry, delivery space, government agency or any other brand.


Each custom logo incorporates strong visual branding elements and icons related to the industry. In this logistics logo, we used stars and colors to invoke associations with the American flag to indicate that the company specializes in federal procurement, supplying government agencies with necessary goods and products.


Don’t waste your time with 99 other designs – invest in an affordable logo for your logistics brand today.