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logo design services

Meditation App Logo Design

Logo Design for a Meditation App


This is a Logo Design for a meditation app called BeGrounded, headquartered in California.


Running a company is stressful enough, even if you create mediation apps like this California company we designed a logo for.


When creating a visual brand identity and logo, its important to be aware of color schemes and imagery. Working with the wrong graphic design team, one that relies on clip art, can be a disaster for your business.


Did you know that you can’t trademark a clip art logo? As a mobile application company – trademarking your logo is essential.


Without a doubt, trust our team for a custom logo for your mobile application, designed with attention-to-detail. For something unique that builds confidence with your users, order a design package today. Not only do our experienced graphic designers rely on original ideas for our affordable, custom logos made for tech professionals, but they also keep your unique brand identity top of mind. Set your mobile app apart from the rest with a custom designed logo by Logo Design NYC – no matter where your brand is located!