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logo design services

Logo Design Repair

Why a Logo Design Repair?

Logo Design NYC offers professional logo repair services to bring new life to your logo design. If you have an existing logo that you’re just not happy with, or you can’t use the current format that you have, Logo Design NYC will repair your logo and provide you with professionally rendered, fully formatted artwork in all the formats you’ll need to effectively manage your logo.

Raster (Pixels) to Vector Conversion

Logo Design NYC specializes in precision raster to vector conversion of scans, gifs, jpegs, tiff’s and sketches into high quality scalable vector graphics. And not only do we repair this issue, but we only offer vector based logos. Still interest?  Keep reading…

Logo Designs only in Vector, NOT Pixel

What is a Pixel?

What is a Pixel?

Some pixel based file formats: (.GIF, .TIF, .BMP, .JPG). These formats are called Pixel based (or RASTER) because they are made up from tightly packed Pixels – each Pixel (tiny square) consisting of a solid color. When viewed from a distance, these Pixels give the optical illusion of being a solid shape. When created on a computer, these Pixels usually follow the RGB color system (Red, Green, Blue) and it is the varying amounts of these colors that make up the tones of any image.

These are the formats supplied by designers advertising ‘logos for your web sites’ as well as the types of files generated by most so-called “logo creation software”. If created in 300dpi, these logos can be useful for small print projects normally ranging up to 8″x10″ canvases. Anything above that and you’ll start to see the pixelation. If that is an issue, you will require a Vector Based Logo (see below).

Why Design a Logo in Vector?

Vector based images should be the starting point of any logo design process. These images are created by high-end drawing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw and are the industry standard for any graphic design project.

What are Vector based images? Simply put, Vector Images are incredibly small, scalable and editable images that allow designers unlimited freedom when it comes to logo design and illustration. Vector Files usually feature the file extensions .AI, .EPS, .CEPS, .CDR and .SWF (used in Flash animations).

In absolute terms, a Vector image is your logo, broken down into a series of geometric shapes, consisting of outlines that are curved and joined at X Y coordinates or points. These coordinates and shape outlines are stored as mathematical equations (.AI, .EPS, .CDR formats) creating small and portable file sizes that are infinitely editable. Which means that you can stretch it to the size of a billboard on the side of a highway.