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WP Engine: The Only Way to Host a WordPress Website

A friend of mine was once bumped up to first class on a transatlantic flight. It was somewhere between the pre-flight champagne and the full-size reclining seat, he tells me, that he realized it was “the only way to fly.”

The only problem? My friend doesn’t have thousands of spare dollars to spend on airline tickets. So, he scours travel sites for points, upgrades, and other perks that can get him back to the front of the plane without setting his credit cards on fire.

Why bring any of this up in an article on hosting with WP Engine (WPE)? Because it almost perfectly sums up the way I feel about WPE. If you have a WordPress website (or need a website designed), it really is the only way to fly. In this quick post, I want to share with you why I’m such a big fan. Read to the end and you’ll be rewarded with a WP engine discount code!

The Benefits of Hosting With WP Engine

Why do I recommend WP Engine to our clients? Aside from the fact that I use it on my own website, I simply don’t think there is a better mix of performance, value, and usability for business owners and executives who want to make the most of their WordPress sites. Here are just a few of the things you get by working with them…

Dedicated WordPress Hosting

WP Engine  (WPE) is so focused on WordPress hosting that they don’t offer any other services. That’s right: they won’t even sell you domain registrations or email packages. There is something great about a company that knows what it does well and sticks to it. Plus, the lack of add-on features means you won’t get up-sell offers in your inbox every week.

Lightning Fast Page Loading Times

Test after test has shown that WPE websites load more quickly than those hosted with the competition. That’s because they use better equipment combined with regional data centers to deliver content within a fraction of a second. In today’s speed-obsessed digital marketing world, that’s a big advantage you can’t get elsewhere.

Maximum Reliability

While lots of hosting companies advertise themselves as if they keep your site online continuously, few can come close to matching WP Engine for reliability. Outages are bad for your business, can hurt your search visibility, and cause you to miss out on sales opportunities. Your hosting provider’s number one job is keeping your site active and online. WP Engine hosting does that well.

Fast and Friendly Support

Whenever my team and I have had to contact someone at WPE for support with the client site, the process has been smooth and friendly. Online reviews tell the same story. If you’ve ever found yourself trying to speak to a human being at another hosting provider – much less one who can help you – then you’ll already know why we put so much value in this one-on-one service.

Versatile Cloud Options

WP Engine gives you the option of using cloud servers through Google or AWS. This might not matter much to the average business owner or executive, but certain web designers, chief information officers, or third-party IT vendors may need that flexibility. It’s nice to be able to give it to them without turning your hosting plan upside down.

Backup and Security Included

WP Engine hosting packages come with a number of built-in “extras” like automatic daily content backups, SSL certificates, support for staging websites, and online threat monitoring. In other words, they’ve got you covered against common (and uncommon) risks to your website or company.

What Does It All Mean?

Look through that list and you’ll notice a couple of things. First, these are the kinds of tools and features you want if you’re actually trying to grow your business rather than finding the lowest possible price for web hosting. And second, the listed advantages aren’t about trying to squeeze a little bit of extra speed from your website – they are the kinds of things that enhance your reputation, improve your search engine visibility, and help you to attract more sales.

If you’re ready to take your website out of coaching into first class, then hosting with WP Engine  (WPE) might be just the ticket.

How to Get Affordable and Effective WP Engine Hosting

As I’ve already mentioned once or twice, WP Engine isn’t just powerful. It’s also affordable, with rates that start at less than what you probably spend on coffee for the team. If you want even deeper discounts though, you can get a plan through our partner program, using our WP Engine discount code

There isn’t a better way to keep your WordPress business website running quickly and smoothly, so click the link above now and enjoy the savings on us!


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