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logo design services

Plumbing Logo Design


Introducing our latest letter mark logo—a dynamic design created for a premier plumbing and heating company based in the vibrant borough of Brooklyn, NY.


This sleek and innovative logo features the bold letters “HK,” representing the company’s name, Hydro Kinetic, in a striking shade of blue. Within the design, lightning surges dynamically, symbolizing the company’s commitment to delivering swift and efficient plumbing and heating solutions.


With its electrifying imagery and contemporary typography, this letter mark logo captures the essence of the company’s expertise and reliability. The use of blue conveys trust and professionalism, while the lightning adds a sense of energy and urgency, reflecting the company’s dedication to quality service.


Designed to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression, this logo is sure to resonate with both existing and prospective clients. It serves as a powerful emblem of Hydro Kinetic’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the plumbing and heating industry.