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Musical Branding

Logo system for musical
musical logo design displayed on poster
musical logo design displayed on paper
musical logo design displayed on a poster

This New Jersey-based musician came back to us for the creation of a cover design for their independent musical. They previously used our services for their music-instruction business logo. They were so happy with their logo that they came back to us for the creation of their musical cover design. They wanted the cover design to be reminiscent of the Playbill designs of the 1930s and 1940s. Using those Playbills as inspiration, our talented design team created a digital design with bold colors, suggestive subject matter, and an eye-catching composition. This highly elaborate design incorporates the elements that the client wanted to include¬† – a seductive woman and a little black book. Most importantly, we were able to give the design the feeling of bawdiness, as per the client’s instructions.

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