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Lash Brand Logo Design

Logo system for beauty company
beauty logo design displayed on a cardboard box
beauty logo design displayed on a window sign

This client was looking for a custom logo design for their eyelash brand and salon. Our talented team of designers focused on the company name first. The client wanted to include lashes and tweezers into a script-style typeface. We needed to customize the typeface, adding the eyelashes and tweezers in such a way that the name remained readable, while also making it look fun and eye-catching. This custom typeface can be used on its own as a distinctive wordmark-style logo. After we made the wordmark for this client, they felt that their brand also needed a letter mark that could be used separately from the company name. Our team used the first initial of each word in the company name – SFL. We brought all the elements together to create a fun letter mark-style logo for the client as well. This gives the client the option to use their logo in a variety of ways.

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