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Hair Salon Logo Design

logo system for hair salon
hair salon logo design displayed on a business card
Beauty product logo design displayed on cell phone screen


Introducing our striking pictorial logo designed for a hair salon nestled in the heart of Manhattan.


This distinctive logo features the head of a majestic black panther meticulously drawn in pointillism style, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. The intricate dots form the contours and details of the panther’s features, showcasing the salon’s commitment to precision and artistry.


Symbolizing strength, elegance, and beauty, the black panther embodies the qualities that the salon aims to evoke in its clientele. The choice of pointillism adds a touch of sophistication and sophistication to the logo, reflecting the salon’s dedication to providing exceptional service and quality craftsmanship.


As a bold and eye-catching emblem, this pictorial logo serves as a powerful representation of the salon’s brand identity. Whether displayed on storefront signage, marketing materials, or product packaging, the logo captures attention and leaves a lasting impression on customers.


With its timeless appeal and exquisite detailing, this pictorial logo captures the essence of the hair salon, inviting clients to experience the transformation and empowerment that come with each visit.