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logo design services

Drink Logo Design


Introducing our latest logo design creation: a traditional green and black wordmark logo that perfectly encapsulates the essence of a construction company based in Manhattan.


At the heart of this design is a sleek drinking glass adorned with a vibrant orange peel, symbolizing refreshment, vitality, and the zest for construction excellence. The green and black color scheme exudes professionalism, reliability, and growth, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation in the construction industry.


With its clean lines and distinctive elements, this wordmark logo stands as a powerful representation of the company’s dedication to quality craftsmanship and client satisfaction. It evokes a sense of trust and reliability, inviting potential clients to engage with a construction partner they can depend on for exceptional results.


From groundbreaking projects to towering achievements, this logo serves as a beacon of excellence, guiding the company forward in its mission to build a brighter, more vibrant future for Manhattan and beyond.