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logo design services

Clothing Brand Logo Design

logo system for clothing brand
leather clothing logo design displayed on leather
fashion logo design displayed on a computer screen


Introducing our latest logo creation: a timeless and commanding wordmark emblem tailored for a distinguished clothing brand nestled in the heart of Manhattan.


This traditional logo design features a sleek black color palette that exudes sophistication and strength. At its core lies a striking stencil illustration of a lion’s head, symbolizing courage, leadership, and regality.


The minimalist yet powerful design of the lion’s head captures the essence of the brand’s identity, reflecting its commitment to producing premium-quality apparel that embodies confidence and style.


With its bold typography and iconic imagery, this logo serves as a memorable and impactful representation of the brand’s ethos. Whether showcased on clothing tags, storefronts, or digital platforms, it commands attention and resonates with discerning fashion enthusiasts in the vibrant landscape of Manhattan.