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Benefits of Working with Local Logo Designers

Experience the Benefits of Working with Logo Design NYC, a Family-Owned Small Business 

As a fellow small business owner in New York City, you know that branding and brand recognition is everything.  Your logo is so much more than just a visual representation of your business, it is your business. 

According to Zen Business 88.6% of business owners know that their logo design is crucial to brand awareness

According to a recent poll by, 88.6% of business owners know that their logo is a crucial factor in growing brand awareness – but the question for many small business owners is where to start?

With so many logo design packages and options available online, it can be tempting to choose a generic template or use a do-it-yourself logo creator. While these options may seem affordable and convenient, they don’t offer the personalized service and attention to detail that comes from working with a real local logo designer.

We’re Real Human Designers Who Care

When you work with Logo Design NYC, you’ll work with a team of real humans who know what it’s like to build a business and brand identity from the ground up. We’re right there with you.  We take the time to get to know our clients, understand their vision, and develop a logo that embodies their brand. We’ll listen to your ideas, provide feedback, and work collaboratively to create a design that meets your specific needs. Unlike online logo generators, we won’t just spit out a generic design and call it a day.


We’re Local Logo Designers & Small Business Owners, Too

Working with a small family-owned business like us means that you’ll have access to the local (human) designers making your custom logo. This means that you’ll work with the same people throughout the design process, and you’ll have direct access to the designers working on your project. This creates a level of accountability that you won’t get from a larger graphic design firm or online logo generator. You’ll know exactly who is working on your logo, and you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback and make changes along the way.

We Understand Small Business Branding

We make it our business to know and understand our clients’ businesses. We’ll take the time to learn about your industry, your competition, and your target audience, and you cat’s name. This allows us to create  custom logos and visual branding that represent you, and attract the right audience for your brand. We’ll work with you to understand your unique selling proposition (USP), your brand personality, and your overall goals for the visual branding of your company. This level of personalized attention is something you won’t get from an online logo generator. Beyond that we’ll show you where and how to use your branded logo beyond your website.

100 % Ownership of Your Custom Logo

We believe that our clients should have complete ownership of their logos. When you work with us, you can be sure that you retain all ownership rights to the final design. This means that you can trademark your logo it and use it for any commercial purpose without any restrictions or limitations. We never use clip art or stock photos in our designs, ensuring that your logo is truly unique and can be trademarked. We take pride in providing our clients with unforgettable custom logo designs that represent their brand and meet their specific needs.

Local Brand Builders

Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand and we know that first hand. When you work with Logo Design NYC, you can expect next level personal attention, direct access to the designers, and a team who cares about your success . Contact our design team today to learn more about our custom logo design packages and how we can help you build a better brand.

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