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Is a Brand Retainer Right for Your Business?

When Is a Branding Retainer the Right Choice for Your Business?

In the whirlwind of running a business, from handling day-to-day operations to overseeing staff and finances, branding often gets pushed to the back burner. It’s hard not to notice competitors edging ahead with standout visual content.  But here’s a thought: What if you could propel your brand forward without sacrificing time you don’t have?

Enter Logo Design NYC’s branding packages, a cost-effective solution to supercharge your company’s creative efforts. Our retainers provide consistent, expert branding services, tailored to help your business stay competitive in a crowded marketplace. 

What is a Branding Retainer?

A branding retainer is a prepaid agreement that ensures you have a dedicated team ready to prioritize your branding tasks. It’s akin to having your own in-house design division, committed to enhancing your brand’s presence.

When to Opt for a Retainer vs Project Based Services?

While one-off projects have their place, a retainer is ideal for ongoing branding campaigns. If you’re planning to refresh your image or require regular updates to your digital assets, a retainer ensures you have continuous support without the need to negotiate new contracts for each project.

Is it Cost-Effective for my Business?

One significant advantage of a branding retainer is cost savings. Logo Design NYC’s retainer clients enjoy reduced hourly rates—up to 10-15% off compared to our standard a la carte services. For instance, while our usual hourly rate is $150, the retainer model lowers this to $125. This more affordable rate, coupled with the assurance of high-quality work from a team who knows your brand, offers a balanced approach to managing your branding budget.  When you factor in the costs associated with hiring a full or even part time employee, the savings associated with the retainer model is a clear winner for many businesses. 

What is the Scope of a Branding Package ?

Our branding retainers cover a variety of creative tasks, including graphic design and customizing social media profiles and images. However, there are certain limitations. For extensive projects  not covered by a retainer, like a complete rebrand, website design, logo redesign, or in-depth consulting (beyond project updates and revisons), a different approach is needed. In such cases, we recommend reaching out to us directly to determine the most suitable project-based service. Typically, for major undertakings like rebrands, logo redesigns, or adding a secondary logo, we advise opting for a logo design package, potentially complemented by a branding retainer and brand identity consultation for ongoing support. 

Creative tasks covered by our retainers include:

  • Graphic design (eg. Brand icons, patterns and characters)
  • Customizing social media profiles and images 
  • Custom image sizing 
  • Logo updates (font, colors, slogan, etc)
  • Digital brand asset design 

Additional Benefits of Logo Design NYC’s Retainer Model

  • Priority Access: Your projects get prioritized, ensuring timely delivery.
  • Consistency in Quality: A dedicated team becomes familiar with your brand, leading to consistent and high-quality outputs.
  • Flexibility: Adjust the scope of work based on evolving branding needs without renegotiating contracts.

When a Branding Retainer Isn’t the Right Option

While branding retainers offer numerous advantages, they might not suit every business need. They may not be the best fit if:

  • Infrequent Branding Needs: If your branding requirements are sporadic, seasonal or limited to a one-time project, a retainer may not offer the best value.
  • Limited Budget: Startups, solopreneurs or businesses with very tight budgets might find the upfront cost of a retainer challenging to manage.
  • Specific, Short-term Projects: For brands that need support for a specific, short-term project, project-based billing could be more practical.
  • Testing New Relationships: If you’re still evaluating the fit with a branding agency, starting with a one-off project can help assess the quality and compatibility before committing to a retainer.

Is a Branding Retainer Worth it?

A branding retainer is most beneficial for businesses that:

  • Have regular branding needs.
  • Seek to build a long-term relationship with a design team.
  • Aim to maintain a consistent brand image.
  • Look for cost-effective solutions for ongoing branding work.

Understanding when to opt for a retainer and when not to is crucial in making the most of your branding investments. Logo Design NYC’s retainers are perfect for businesses seeking a long-term, consistent, and cost-effective partnership. However, for those with irregular needs, a tight budget, or looking to test the waters, project-based services might be more appropriate. To find out if our branding retainer is the right solution for your business, contact us today.

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