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The Scary Truth About Clip Art Logos: Do Not Use Stock Art in Your Logo Design

Need a “quick logo” for your business? Trying to build a brand but don’t have a lot of money to spend on custom logo design? In either case, you might consider DIY graphic design software or integrating clip art or stock images in your logo. But as the lynchpin of your visual brand identity, incorporating stock elements into the logo creation process is a terrible idea. 

In today’s post we want to take a quick look at the biggest reasons you absolutely do not want to do that. Let’s start with the obvious…

Clip Art Logos Make a Terrible First Impression

Sometimes we save our most important point for the end of an article, but not today. Let’s be absolutely clear: displaying a clip art logo sends a number of terrifying messages about your business. It makes it clear to everyone that you aren’t unique, haven’t done any planning, and may not be around more than a couple of days or weeks.

Even if you can find customers under those conditions, which is unlikely, they are going to be the kinds of buyers who are always looking to get the lowest priced bargain brands. That means they won’t value your work or products. Ironically, those also tend to be the people who demand the most and leave the worst reviews.


Clip Art Logos Damage Your Brand

Although we have already mentioned the poor first impression made by a clip art logo, things get worse when you extend the time horizon. That’s because an entrepreneur or company that can’t project themselves with any credibility is always going to be facing challenges that are nearly impossible to overcome.

If this concept seems abstract, then ask yourself what would happen if you started wearing business suits made from printer paper or shoes that were made from plastic bags. How many people would take you seriously, or interact with you at all? Now consider that lots of potential customers and partners will never see what you’re wearing, but all of them will come across your clip art logo.


You Could Have Trademark Issues With Your Clip Art Logo

Suppose for a moment that you could find a piece of clip art that really would make the best possible logo for your business. Even under those impossible circumstances, using it would be a very bad idea.

That’s because you could encounter copyright issues from two different directions. First, you might not have the permissions needed to use the clip art as a logo for your business in the first place. And if those restrictions weren’t in place, then there would be nothing to stop your competitors from using the exact same logo for their businesses. It’s a lose-lose situation.


There Are Better Affordable Alternatives

As important as the drawbacks to clip art logos are, it’s important to remember that deciding to get a custom brand or logo design isn’t a big decision. In other words, you don’t have to make a huge sacrifice to avoid the hassles that come with a bad visual identity.

Most of the business owners we meet with are shocked to find out just how affordable a good logo is, and how simple the process of getting one can be. Don’t let the misconception that you need a huge budget, or lots of time, to get a logo stop you from moving your brand forward.


Let Us Help With Logo Design and Branding

Logo design doesn’t have to be an expensive or stressful process. In fact, we have worked with hundreds of clients to help them develop the business design they need – and come up with a fast and affordable system along the way.

If you want a logo that’s powerful, unique, and ready to help your business grow, it’s easy to get started with Logo Design NYC!